55 Ways To Reduce Your Energy Costs

Start Doing it Now!

1. Shut your doors when you are heating and cooling so that the energy only goes to the room you are using.

2. Decide what you want from the fridge before you open the door (and close the door straight away too)

3. Use cold water whenever you don’t need hot water.

4. Turn off lights whenever you are not in the room.

5. Dress for the weather.

6. Use the sun whenever you can for whatever you can !

Watch your Bills

7. Keep track of your energy use and find the cause whenever your bill changes.

8. Motivate your kids – offer to share energy savings with them..

Light Your House the Smart Way

9. Use daylight instead of electricity whenever you can.

10. Fit low energy, compact fluoro light globes.

11. Brighten your rooms with light coloured surfaces and then reduce the wattage of your lights.

Heat, Cool & Ventilate for Max. Comfort

12. Make sure windows are shaded from the summer sun.

13. Use curtains with pelmets to keep heat in.

14. Draft proof your rooms.

15. Insulate your ceiling and walls.

16. Set your thermostat lower in winter and higher in summer – every degree costs an extra 10% !

17. Open windows to make the most of breezes when the temperatures outside are mild.

18. Capture winter sunshine with a dark rug or floors – especially from north facing windows.

19. Keep filters dust free and regularly maintain heaters and coolers so they run efficiently.

Cooking Quickly.

20. Put lids on pots when cooking.

21. Use the microwave instead of the stove if possible.

22. Use the toaster instead of the griller.

23. You can even boil the kettle in the morning and store the water in a thermos for using during the day.

Power that Stands By Doing Nothing

24. Turn things off at the switch instead of by the remote.

25. Invest in a ‘switched’ powerboard so it is easy to turn off individual appliances not in use.

26. Turn off the water heater when you go away for holidays.

Hot Water – Save Water and Energy!

27. Fix dripping taps, especially hot water ones.

28. Reduce the length of your showers.

29. Fit a AAA rated shower head – if compatible with your water heater

30. Use pipe lagging to insulate your water heater’s pipes.

31. Use AAA flow restrictors and aerators for better water use.

32. Lower the temperature setting on your water heater’s thermostat (no lower than 60C for storage tanks).

33. Bathe with a friend.

When Washing and Drying…

34. Use a solar dryer – that’s right, the clothesline!

35. Wash your clothes in cold water.

36. Front loaders use less water than top loaders.

Get it Right when you Buy or Rent

37. Get the size right first then read the energy stars to choose the most efficient appliances – the more stars the better

38. Check what an item will cost to run before you choose it.

39. Choose a house that has living areas facing north and makes the most of it’s north facing windows to heat in winter but shade to keep cool in summer.

Fridges – working 24/7

40. Clean the seals and check they are working well.

41. Clean the coils at the back of the fridge.

42. Have good airflow over the coils to take the heat away

43. Use a thermometer to check the fridge is at the right temperature – every degree costs an extra 10% !

44. Use the right sized fridge.

45. Turn the 2nd fridge on only when it’s needed. - $150 a year can buy a lot of beer !

Smart Travel Options

46. Walk, ride a bike, take the bus or train.

47. Keep your car well tuned so it runs efficiently.

48. Plan & do everything in a single trip instead of many.

49. Travel with a friend instead of on your own.

50. Drive smoothly to save petrol.

51. If you have a choice – take the little car.

Swimming Pools and other Guzzlers

52. Use timers to optimise the running time of pumps.

53. Make sure the spa is well covered and insulated.

54. Clean the filters

55. Make sure pumps are sized well and maintained.