Smart Home Power – innovative technology

Home automation is now an affordable luxury for everyone in every home.

Get comfortable with the convenience of control. Powermesh has taken the complexity out of connectivity in the home, making technology simple, to complement your lifestyle. You can now control what you’d like, when and how you’d like.

Using the Zimi App on your phone, Zimi Cloud Connect works with the Google Assistant to control lights and appliances plugged in to a Powermesh Powerpoint. It’s simple, secure and reliable. Not only can you turn different lights on and off, you can ask the Google Voice Assistant to dim the lights to any brightness you like – perfect for bedtime or when you’re coming home at night.

The future of connected devices use mesh networks. Powermesh enabled devices send and receive messages from each other, eliminating the need for a central hub. Each device plays a role, with more linked devices providing network reliability and a quicker response.

It’s very easy to install by simply getting an electrician to swop out your existing light switches and power points with Powermesh ones. No additional wiring needed.

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