Eco Residential Development

Examples of eco residential development are available on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. The state of South Australia is a leader in renewable energy with large solar and wind capacity. Locally, we are proud to be working in conjunction with Beyond development, a six star energy efficient development that balances the needs of residents with the environment.

Current Beyond Properties For Sale

Beyond Today

Beyond Today is a very different residential development. Typically developers squeeze in as many houses as possible to maximise profit. Open space, the surrounding environment and maximizing the growth of your investment are given little thought.

So what separates Beyond apart from your average development?

The Wright family started with the simple plan of creating a development that we would all enjoy living in.

Instead of simply providing the required 12% of open space, the development offers a staggering 47% of landscaped reserves, parks and wetlands in the residential component alone. With another 64 hectares of wetlands and native re-vegetation next door!

Beyond offers remarkable benefits:

  • All homes will be built according to high energy efficiency standards;
  • All allotments are between 500-996 square metres;
  • All homes are built to specific design and built form standards ensuring strong capital growth;
  • 47% of the development will be vegetated reserve or park, which means that;
  • 93% of the allotments are alongside or overlook some form of vegetated reserve or park!
  • All roads include water sensitive urban designed streetscapes;
  • All allotments are orientated for the highest solar energy advantage.
  • All living spaces are protected from being overshadowed by neighboring homes, ensuring solar gain throughout winter.