Fleurieu Peninsula

Situated just 45 minutes south of Adelaide, the Fleurieu Peninsula was named after Charles Pierre Claret de Fleurieu, the French explorer and hydrographer who was part of the French scientific exploration expedition let by Captain Nicholas Baudin on board of The Geographie sailing Ship, as they explored and mapped the south coast of Australia in 1802. The name came in official use in 1911 in response to a recommendation to the South Australian Government from the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia.

Today it is place where visitors can relax and enjoy the beautiful natural beauty of the coastline as well as great local food, wine, wildlife and events in the State.  As a peninsula, water plays a major part in the recreational activities with long sandy beaches, rugged cliff-scapes, and sheltered coves introduce a range of year-round holiday activities that include fishing, surfing, scuba and snorkelling, sailing and swimming.

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